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Wants Post
Here is the stuff I'm looking to buy! Please let me know if you have any of these items for sale, or if you've seen them somewhere for sale!

I don't mind if they are out of the box or packaging, or if the tag has been removed. I do prefer to still get the tag if it has been detached. I'm looking for mint to good condition.

Victini ItemsCollapse )

Slowpoke Sales

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11
Here is my feedback - please leave me some when you get your items :3

Here is my Wants Post! Take a look and if you have something I want I may buy it!

Also, check out my shop Geeky Cute Crochet for amigurumi and charms. I make Pokemon, Moogles, Adventure Time, foxes, bats, and lots more!


  • I only accept PayPal

  • If paying with an e-check your item will not ship until the check has cleared

  • I will only sell to members(in good standing) of pkmncollectors (no banned users allowed)

  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply

  • Prices shown do not include shipping

  • Ask for a quote in the comments below if you are interested in an item

  • If you do not respond to a quote or pay within 24 hrs your items will go to the next person

  • Make me an offer if you feel the price is too high

  • I will NOT hold any items

  • Strike-through means the item is SOLD!

Shipping Info:

  • Shipping for cards starts at $.66 to anywhere

  • Cards will be sent in a rigid mailer so they will not be bent in transit

  • Shipping for packages starts at $2.25 for US and $6.50 for international

  • All non-flat items will be shipped in a moisture resistant bubble mailer

  • Delivery Confirmation is included for all packages shipped in the US

  • Delivery Confirmation is now also available for several countries, ask me and I can check if your country is included

  • Lost or damaged packages will be dealt with on a case by case basis

  • I live in the USA and ship from Illinois

  • I can ship within 2 days of completed payment

  • INTERNATIONAL - I will NOT mark as "gift" this is illegal

  • Customs forms will be marked "Merchandise"

  • The total amount you paid(excluding shipping) will also be marked on the form

  • You are responsible for paying any customs/duties/taxes/tariffs imposed by your country

Banpresto UFO Zorua - $30
Minty, tush tag only, made from a smooth shiny material, has a white hang strap attached to the back of the head

Banpresto DX UFO Tepig - $25
Minty, hang tag attached to tush tag, has the white hang strap attached to the back of the head

Banpresto DX UFO Emboar - $25
Minty, hang tag attached to tush tag, has the white hang strap attached to the back of the head

Pignite Plushes - Minty without hang tags
MPC Pignite - $8
Jakks Pignite - $10

Jakks Tepig Chibi Zipper Pull - $5
Minty with tush tag

Jakks Giratina - $15 SOLD!
Tush tags only, material is very soft, has stamped mark like this on inside of tush tag

2009 Jakks Arceus - $18
Material is very soft, small pen mark on tush tag, no hang tag, has stamped mark like this on inside of tush tag

2010 Jakks Togepi - $18
Material is very soft, no hang tag, has stamped mark like this on inside of tush tag

2012 Pokemon Center Meowth with mini Pikachu plush - $25
Tags still attached, in near mint condition since it was displayed only.

2007 Jakks Meowth - $10
Very soft material, no hang tag, tush tag cut off completely.

Woobat Plushies - All are Mint with Tags

Jakks Throw Woobat - $5
Jakks regular sized Woobat - $8
Banpresto Woobat - $10

Scraggy Plushies - All are Mint w/Tags Detached
Jakks Scraggy (no hang tag) - $6
Banpresto mini Scraggy keychain (no hang tag) - $5
Scraggy US Pokedoll (hang tag detached and included) - $15
Scraggy mini Pokedoll keychain (never had a hang tag) - $12

Misc Plush
Meowth Burger King Plush - $1
Chimchar Banpresto Strap (laying down) - $1
Chimchar Banpresto (left-most plush) - $2
Pikachu Jakks Clip (mint in package) - $8

More Misc. Plush
Constipated Pikachu reversable plush - $1
Shaymin Jakks Throw Plush - $5
Chimchar Chibi Banpresto Strap (tags attached) - $2

Damaged Plush - Free with $1 minimum purchase
Celebi Banpresto Strap (missing one foot)- Free with purchase of $1 or more
Shaymin Banpresto Strap (missing side flowers, tags attached) - Free with purchase of $1 or more

Figures & Misc

2009-2010 Arceus Calendar Poster - $10 shipped
(shipped folded up in a flat mailer comes with this card - Has a slight tear in the bottom)

Scraggy/Scrafty Figures - Minty Condition
Tiny(1 inch) Scraggy - $2
Pepsi Next Scrafty - $3 (phone strap removed, but will ship it with him)
Tomy Scraggy - $4
Running Scraggy - $1 (phone strap removed)

Scraggy/Scrafty Kids and Figures - Minty Condition
Scrafty Kid - $6
Scraggy Nomal Kid - $3
Scraggy Fighting Kid - $3
Jakks Scraggy Figure - $8

MIP Jakks Reshiram Figure - $10
(I will ship out of the box upon request)

Used condition 1998 Japanese Tomy Meowth Figure - $10
Used condition with some light scratches and marks. This was in bad condition when I got it, and I cleaned it up.
It is 5 inches tall and hollow.

2012 Keldeo McDonalds Toy - $5
Pull back toy, mint condition from Japan.

Misc. Minty and Good Condition Figures
Blastoise Japanese McDonalds windup toy (minty) - $10
Tomy Mudkip (small marks on back and head fin) - $2
Pignite Jakks figure (minty) - $2

Shaymin Figures
Jakks Figure - $5
2009 Keychain figure (keychain removed) - $1.00
Small figure with no brand markings (minor paint rubs) - $1.00

Used Condition Figures
Meowth Suction cup (has a stain on back, front is perfect) - $1.00
Machomp kid (used but no paint chips) - $.10
Cubone Fuzzy figure (used condition) - $.25
Lickitung (used, case has scratches) - $.10

Misc. flat items
Meowth dog tag (scratches) - $.15
Shaymin Battrio coin

Sparkly Stamps (never used) - $2.50 each

Munna, Lilligant, Pansage

B&W Korean Erasers- $1.50 each

Pikachu(x1), Snivy(x2), Woobat(x1), Axew, Oshawott

Straps - $4

Clear Lillipup, Emboar, Reuniclus, Gothitelle, Clear Scraggy

Tepig Tin - FREE just pay shipping

This tin has two very small dents on the lid, but is in overall good condition!


Korean Stickers - $.20 each
Staraptor & Wormadam

B&W Korean Stickers - $.25 each

Excadrill, Musharna, Tranquill, Conkeldurr, Purrloin, Serviper, Simipour, Woobat, Pikachu, Sewaddle, Zebstrika, Blitzle, Swadloon

Pan Stickers - $.50 each
Emboar 1, Emboar 2, Pignite 1, Pignite 2, Tepig 1, Tepig 2, Tepig 3

Pokemon TCG
These are from the booster and promo packs you get in the B/W starter tins, the emerging powers booster packs, the new Victini tin(which I think is Noble Victories packs), and Next Destinies booster packs!
None of these cards have ever been used and are in mint condition!
I tried to price these fairly, but please make me an offer if you an interested in multiple cards.
Let me know if you need any additional info on these cards.

Normal Pokemon - $0.05 each

Pidove(x4), Meowth, Minccino, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Patrat

Metal Pokemon - $0.05 each

Bronzor(x3), Ferroseed left(x3), Ferroseed right, Durant(x2)

Dark Pokemon - $0.05 each
Zwelious, Deino, Zorua, Pawniard, Sneasel(x3)

Psychic Pokemon - $0.05 each
Grimer(x3), Munna(x2), Solosis, Elgyem, Whirlipede(x2), Litwick left, Litwick right, Yamask left, Yamask right, Kirlia(x2), Ralts, Gothorita, Gothita

Electric Pokemon - $0.05 each
Raichu, Pikachu, Emogla, Joltik, Blitzle, Luxio left, Luxio right, Shinx left, Shinx right

Water Pokemon - $0.05 each

Cryogonal, Lapras, Basculin, Vanillish(x3), Vanillite, Starmie, Staryu(x2), Oshawott, Tympole(x2), Cubchoo, Panpour

Fire Pokemon - $0.05 each

Heatmore, Growlithe left, Growlithe right(x3), Pansear, Darumaka(x4), Larvesta(x2), Lampent, Litwick

Fighting Pokemon - $0.05 each
Sandile, Krokorok, Riolu(x3), Throh, Archen, Meinfoo left, Meinfoo right, Hippopotas(x2), Hippowdon(x2)

Grass Pokemon - $0.05 each

Kricketot(x4), Kricketune, Pansage, Shelmet, Karrablast, Deerling, Cottonee, Seedot(x2), Swadloon, Sewaddle

Rare Cards - $.25 each
Beartic, Lapras, Tyrogue, Conkeldurr, Wigglytuff, Pidgeot, Persian, Amoongus, Cofagrigus, Grumpig, Swoobat, Zebstrika,

Holo & Reverse Holo Cards - $1  each
All are reverse holo unless marked with a * for regular holo
Shiftry, Servipor, Nidorina, Sigilyph, Beheeyem, Kirlia, Gardevoir*, Lucario*, Simisear left, Simisear right, Chandelure, Pawniard, Amoonguss, Sewaddle, Kricketune, Vanilluxe*, Vanillish, Vanillite, Articuno*, Cover Fossil, Pokemon Center, Prism Energy, Double Colorless Energy

Trainer, Supporter, Energy Cards - $.50 each
Great ball, Level Ball, Heavy Ball, Rocky Helmet, Plume Fossil, Energy Search, Exp Share(x2), Bianca, Cilan, Pokemon Center(x2), Skyarrow Bridge(x3), Darkness Energy, Prism Energy, Double Colorless Energy(x2), Interviewer's Questions

Finally Joined LJ!
Hello internet! I finally joined LJ so I can get more involved in communities and make new friends across the tubes.

I'm not sure how often I'll be posting since I do already have a blog. That one is more for my Esty shop and tutorials though.

My Etsy shop is Geeky Cute Crochet and I have been in business since April 29th, 2009! If you go and check it out you'll see a lot of Pokemon items. That is of course because I am a life long Pokefan!

I grew up with Pokemon, and I have never grown out of it! I am still playing on and off Pokemon Black, and my husband has yet to beat White and catch up to me. I need to trade the version exclusive pokemon with him so I can catch them all!

I hope to have time to draw more Pokemon for necklaces and pins. I'd love to make a Victini, Zorua, and the new starters. I'll be sure to post it up when I do!

Feedback Info
Please comment below to leave your feedback! Include pictures or links if you like.

I am Verified on PayPal
100% on Etsy

EDIT: I'm on the new pkmncollecters feedback system! Click here to leave me feedback

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